What is Brand essence? And Why it is Important – Explained with Example

Brand essence is the starting step for creating strategies for reputation building. To understand it clearly, we can say that brand essence is the soul of a brand. It is the core of your brand and can be felt in every action. It brings together the brand’s mission, vision, value proposition and beliefs.

Branding vs Marketing – 9 Key Differences Explained

Branding and marketing are two of the most vital functions that help to generate revenue for a business. Though branding and marketing are interconnected as they help to reach out to the target audience and spread awareness of the product/ service, the two functions are different.

Top 7 Core Marketing Concepts – Explained With Examples

Marketing is one of the most prominent tools that helps in expanding your business to a large mass of the public. A well-planned and creative marketing strategy equipped with the core marketing concepts can bring success to a startup.

What Is Brand Brief? – 9 Important Components And How to Write It?

The brand brief is a strategic element of a branding tool kit. The document conveys key information about a brand such as the brand vision, values, objectives, goals, and its USP. The brand brief plays a crucial role in creating your unique brand identity in the minds of your target customers. It acts as a strategic document that provides a clear purpose and direction for all the stakeholders in the business.

The 8 Types Of Marketing Collateral You Need To Use For Marketing And Sales

Marketing collateral is a traditional or digital media that is used for marketing, promoting, and selling a product or service. It is a collection of several media files that are used in different formats like, images, articles, GIFs, videos, etc… to communicate with the targeted customers and clients of a company.

What Is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is a strategic technique used in an organization or an individual business person and even for particular projects of a team, to gain a competitive advantage.