11 Types Of Business Process

The types of business processes are the Production Process, Marketing Process, Sales Process, Finance Process, Accounting Process, Budgeting Process, Human Resources Process, Team Building Process, Management Control Process, Customer Support Process, and Compliance and Safety Process.

What is a Pitch Deck and Why it is Important for Startups

Pitch deck is the most commonly used word in startup jargon. Entrepreneurs need to showcase their startup’s story to potential investors like angel investors and venture capitalists, to get funding for their venture. An engaging pitch deck is essential to capture the attention of the investors and convince them to work with your idea. But what is a pitch deck? Let’s explore…

10 Reasons Why Prototype is Important for Startup

A prototype is similar to a sample of a product or any service. Prototyping is a significant component of the application improvement process. In this article, yo will come to understand the importance of the prototype for startups.

Business Model Canvas: An easy Guide To Startup Entrepreneurs

Business model canvas is a strategic management tool used to document and assess existing and new business models. The business model canvas is a one-page template that provides a glimpse of the core elements of the business and aids in defining and refining the business model.

Franchise Business Model – Explained with Benefits and Examples

A franchise business model is a type of business model where an individual entrepreneur (franchisee) operates the business using the company name,  trademark, logo, branding, products and business systems of a larger company (franchisor), in return for a fee and other payments such as licensing fee, royalties, etc, depending on the terms in the contract between both the parties.