How To Get Startup Ideas – 5 Important Ways To Explore


The first and foremost part to get a startup idea is to look outward with a broad vision, which means to vigorously search for something great idea for your startup company.

Normally the subconscious power of a human mind will not let a person do certain things unwillingly. So, give it a start with the subject that interests you the most, which makes a sensible too.

You know your passion and interests, right? Generating ideas relevant to passion will you connect personally and helps to explore more in those relevant topics…but how do you search?

The obvious matter that we all would consider to search anything is googling. Yes! Start browsing the topics on your interests through search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You will come to know different articles, journals, videos from websites, and blogs in the particular niche you search for. Try out different keywords to find how the industry performs in that niche market, its trends, and how it will benefit you.

Beyond reading articles, look for the other successful entrepreneurs, what do they say about the growth of the industry… Stay engaged with the Startup communities, by which you get their valuable insights from their writings, speeches and listening to their podcasts and watching videos, etc…


Getting ideas from different sources is easy, but it means a lot where that idea should be converted into a real money-making business, and it must sustain forever.

Literally, the idea must address any problem that exists in reality. Only then it could be feasible to create a sustainable business model. As the technology is evolving, there are numerous unsolved problem that exists in the business world, and it could be identified if you think out of the box.

To quickly identify the problem, start with the personal problems that you will face in your daily-to-day life. Identify the problems from your parents, elders, neighbors, friends, college mates, and colleagues. Think from their point of view, like how they spend a day, what are the obstacles that come across in their daily activities.

Solution In An Altered Way

Even, you can go for an existing solution for any specific problem. Because not all startup companies provide a proper solution, there might also be some pros and cons in choosing that. If you touch the existing business model after knowing the market, competition, and its strength and weakness, it will be easy to draft a model earlier.

But, later you can explore more in the untouched path relevant to that business and expand it in the future.

Talking to people

Spend time with different types of people at the workplace, college, or when you commute to the office. Even a coffee shop owner gives you a valuable idea. That’s not a bad idea to sit and chat with such a franchisee of any famous brand. Hence, you may start a franchise business model in the future.

Get connected with the people who own a small business in your locality. Discuss with them, ask many questions, which may clear many doubts about their business. And you will gain more details on how they operate their business, difficulties, challenges, etc…

When you look at people around you and observe them, you could gather more information from many groups/classes of people of different ages, gender, education, etc…

Innovation And Technology

A person who has sound knowledge in technology will aspire to become an innovator entrepreneur. He/she will search for a brilliant idea relevant to the subject with knowledge expertise. Getting a startup idea by innovating something new with the latest technologies will spin the startup ecosystem and has many growth prospects.

Nowadays, a person who has good coding skills starts their own business of its kind. If you have excellent skills in the latest emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Quantum computing, Internet of things, etc…, you can explore and invent new products or services in any industry.

One important thing to create a lucrative model is, to implement technologies in finding the solution for concurrent problems that the world is facing now. For example, the entire human life is facing an uncertain situation caused by the covid pandemic that brings out serious disruptions in the life of a common people.

Some startup companies are adapted to these conditions and start serving the people in this new normal, especially for the people who study or work from home.

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