The 8 Types Of Marketing Collateral You Need To Use For Marketing And Sales

Do you want to know what marketing collateral is?

Have you ever think about what are the necessary documents that you’ll use for the marketing, promotional, and sales activities of your company. They are in different forms and formats.

Some are traditional documents that are stored in the locker of an office cabin or in the folders of the computers, which are maintained by a marketing team of a business firm.

As an entrepreneur and marketer of a startup company, you need to know all the types of marketing collateral, and how to create, design, and organize your marketing collateral documents.

In this article, let us see some important types of marketing collateral documents so that you will know the importance of using the right one for your marketing purposes.

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What Is Marketing Collateral? – Meaning

Marketing collateral is a traditional or digital media that is used for marketing, promoting, and selling a product or service.

It is a collection of several media files that are used in different formats like, images, articles, GIFs, videos, etc… to communicate with the targeted customers and clients of a company.

Collateral means supporting documents or materials. 

Every Marketer uses these documents to educate, interact, and guide the customers about product specifications, and make the people understand the core values of a brand.

Types of Marketing Collateral


Website is like home for your business in the digital world. It holds most of the collateral documents at one store. Developing a great website for your firm is important at the initial stage itself.

It lets customers or clients access the content, know what your business is all about, what kind of product or services you offer. The users can reach your website either directly or via organic search relevant to the niche.

Right from the blog posts to landing pages, product features – the website includes all necessary documents to provide the best service to the customers. Even a chatbot programmed to give a timely response to client’s queries also comes under this category.

Let us see some significant digital marketing collateral documents, further…

Blog posts

A simple blog post or long-form article that contains valuable information will be used to promote the brand’s product.

Normally, the blog post contains well-researched content – that includes images, infographics, links to the external sources, and internal links to the product and landing pages, and opt-in forms, etc…

To win the audience engagement in reading the blog post, proper keyword research and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques must be adopted which will be used to provide high-quality content that clears the doubt.  


E-books show that your company is expertise in solving a particular problem in the industry. It educates people about a specific problem and gives an appropriate solution in an interesting way that creates interest in your products or services.

Again, it is about writing engaging content, but with entertaining elements like attractive pictures, designs and descriptions.  

It should not contain the plain text of big paragraphs, rather it must be a mix of design with external links to the social media pages and product features that land on your web pages.

Publishing and distributing the eBooks on digital media and through an associated partners needs extra effort that helps the company to create awareness among the audience.


Infographics are pictures with less text, more information illustrated with icons similar to product features, charts, and graphs.

The creative designs and eye-catchy phrases make the users easily interpret the message that you wanted to convey. When you often use infographics in marketing activities, people will stay connected with the brand and become buyers as soon as possible.

Email Newsletter

One strong opinion among the marketers about the email newsletter is, it drives more traffic and sales conversion when you pitch directly into the inbox of the subscribers.

It is obvious that when comparing with other methods, marketing via email newsletter is crucial to get in touch with users, can easily generate leads via email and converts subscribers to the customers, and also retains the existing customers.

Email acts as a medium to continuously engage the customer with the brand, thereby sending other marketing collateral like blog posts, updates, new product brochures, and surveys is possible via email communication.


Testimonial is the effective collateral document used to express the reviews and recommendations of the existing clients about the product or service. It briefly shows your success rate to the people.

People trust a particular thing when they read reviews and recommendations of other customers who experienced the product. That is why it is important to show off a testimonial column on your website

Price Comparisons

Price comparison tabs with features is another marketing collateral document that helps users to easily compare variable plans available.

It elaborates the different features for different prices and facilitates the users to choose between the plans according to their needs. You might have seen this type of pricing in the subscription business model. For example, Netflix, Spotify, etc…

After devising the price strategies, it is important to tell the price plans to users that increase the visibility to freely choose and purchase them.


A portfolio reveals the presence of the company’s products and services in the market, which is displayed on the website. It mentions that, in the vast market, how you are unique among competitors, what are your strengths and capabilities in business.

It also describes your vision and motto of the company, performances, and your past dealing with the clients or customers – with a supportive testimonial section.

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