10 Smart Ways To Find A Co-Founder For Your Startup

find a co-founder

A co-founder is a person that is involved in the foundation of a company or any other business venture with equal participation and is responsible for the execution of the idea into reality from scratch. A co-founder can turn the fortune of your company and plays a major role in various aspects of the company. Some of the ways to find a co-founder are listed here…

10 Proven Ways To Test And Validate A Startup Idea

how to test and validate a startup idea

Idea validation is the process of experimenting and testing startup ideas to know their viability. However, most new entrepreneurs do not have an idea about how to test and validate a startup idea. They start a business as soon as they get a startup idea. As a result, they end up losing time and money in creating products without much demand. But, Idea validation helps to test different assumptions and understand the willingness of the target audience to pay for the product.

What Is Brand Brief? – 9 Important Components And How to Write It?

Brand Brief

The brand brief is a strategic element of a branding tool kit. The document conveys key information about a brand such as the brand vision, values, objectives, goals, and its USP. The brand brief plays a crucial role in creating your unique brand identity in the minds of your target customers. It acts as a strategic document that provides a clear purpose and direction for all the stakeholders in the business.

What Is A Prototype? A Quick Guide To Startup Founders

What is a Prototype

A prototype is a foundational design of a product, which can be tested and improved upon. These improvements can lead to a final product that is ready to be used by customers. Almost all types of manufacturing industries build prototypes, such as vehicles, gadgets, weapons, and more. Prototypes are also made by User Interface/User Experience designers to make sure their applications run properly in everyday conditions of the real world.